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The PPC - Pay Per Click marketing model is just that allows you to boost your accomplishment rate in the market. Pay Per Click marketing is one of the best and cost-effective & targeted forms of marketing on the web. These are ads for your website that visible through some of the chief advertising platforms including Google Adwords.

Pay per click (PPC), is also renowned as Cost Per Click. It is a technique of internet marketing that drives direct traffic towards various websites. Primarily, it's a system where advertisers pay the service renders an assured amount of money to endorse its products or services in the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing or other platforms and pay when the classified ad is clicked.


"Get clicked Get Paid"

Zainexx Technologies is a certified digital media marketing agency with the proficiency in rendering & maximizing ROI through planned & appealing search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns. Our experts are determined by data & objectivity that lets them accomplish pay per click (PPC) campaigns with a great focus consequently rendering more conversions for moderately smaller spend. This is achieved by keeping a clear and brief focus on the 3 pillars of PPC i.e. Keyword research & optimization, landing page significance, and ad copy/quality. We are able to recognize the scope of enhancement in already existing campaigns that help us to push the cost per acquisition (CPA) southwards and amplify overall conversions.


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